Fresh and wholesome bakery from the Outer Hebrides


Cakes and desserts.

Our cakes come in all shapes and sizes for any occasion or event for domestic use or for resale we use only quality ingredients and totally reject pre made mixes and preservatives. If you require a decorated celebration cake there are several styles to choose from. You may want a marzipanned royal iced cake which will then be decorated to your specifications. If you need a cake quickly you might opt for a rolled sugarpaste or buttercream topping, or a creative display using fruit and nuts. We can also supply a selection of chilled desserts such as cheesecakes and fresh fruit roulades as well as pies tarts and flans. Feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements you may want a personalised cake representing the individual through their occupation , hobbies etc. Just bear in mind that modelling takes time so the sooner you get in touch the easier it will be to provide the perfect cake for your party or event and your complete satisfaction is our main objective.

stand of cupcakes

Cupcakes , biscuits & candies.

We do a selection of tasty and colourful cupcakes and biscuits that can follow a theme or a colour scheme. You could also choose from a selection of handmade sweets such as tablet , coconut ice , fudge , nut brittles and toffees. All products in this section can be given as favours or mementos as well as adding the finishing touch to your event and of course for resale.

toffee bar squares

Other bakery products

We can provide an  assortment of popular everyday bakery like  carrot cake and iced gingerbread , or pastries like cinnamon swirls or apple turnovers, for biscuit lovers we have choc chip cookies , empire biscuits , coconut oaties , you will find something for everyone and if you can't find what you are looking for please don't hesitate to get in touch, we will be glad to help.

All of our products are made using only fresh wholesome ingredients without the use of mixes or chemicals and are therefore perishable goods , but no need to worry about that because once tasted they won't last long. We hope to soon be supplying gluten free and organic options keep looking here for the latest products.